Kakao Mischa ├╝ber Nahrung, Energie und Kakao

Spiritual nourishment and physical nourishment: Our body is energy, our body moves energy. Our mind is energy, our mind directs energy.

Many focus on the perfect diet, the best ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins or an extraordinarily large bicep circumference.
And all of these things cast their spell on me too, and I tried to break all resistance by following strict rules and making sacrifices, to finally become what I thought society wanted me to be. So that I would be accepted and then accept myself. It was a very complicated thought, and it was made even more complicated. Thanks to the skin problems that I have had since I was 13 and which made many situations a torment for me with their stinging itching, after almost a decade of suffering I was able to discover for myself that my diet could have something to do with it. An extremely absurd thought, because none of the many doctors had ever talked about food. And so a food journey began for me. I began to ask myself what was good for me, how my body reacted to what and when my symptoms got worse. I noticed my sugar addiction, my unhealthy appetite and also my meat consumption. Meat is important, because of the protein and so on... But more and more often I started to listen to my body and connect the dots. A strange rash on my hands... could it have something to do with the shashlik at my parent's last evening? Extreme dandruff and an itchy scalp - maybe it wasn't just the last beer that was bad, hm? And so my path through constant trial and error, coupled with an unwillingness to accept that I just have problems, ultimately led me to a plant-based diet. This path was paved with interesting literature such as The Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein, which showed me that there is another approach. A path that stands on its own and doesn't put any other path down. Namely the path of feeling, experience and intuition. A realization in the Amazon rainforest crowned my insight: My body knows more than my thoughts . And it is constantly communicating with me, I just have to listen.

It was in this very rainforest that the cocoa found me. I approached it without prejudice and let it work on me. Flowing through me, from the outside, my body, inwards to my mind. And suddenly it CLICKED .

The dots all connected so quickly that I barely managed to grab a pen and my battered diary. Lines and images flowed out of me. I did my best to capture them with my ballpoint pen. Cocoa became an anchor for me to understand that food is not just what we put in our mouths. That food is not just there so that we can satisfy our needs with it.

What we put in our mouths is just as much our path as the work we do every day, the people we meet and the information we feed ourselves. All of this affects us. And this realization makes me choose more and more consciously what I want to nourish myself with. And what I am allowed to nourish myself with. And yes, cocoa helps. But the basis is the fundamental will to grow and to change things about myself when I come into conflict with my environment. Because that is exactly what they are there for, these so-called problems.

I hope that in the current times more people will start to feel themselves and thus have the opportunity to feel their fellow human beings. And feel less of a desire to change "things". And I pray that cocoa supports, strengthens and nourishes all those who come into contact with it. Both as a mega-trendy superfood and as the spirit of a sacred, light-filled plant.
Thank you for your attention. <3
Written by Mischa Levit
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