Liebe geht durch den Magen?

And how! Then straight to the heart. Especially when you conjure up something delicious from our heart-opening cocoa 😍

Our jack-of-all-trades Giulia has once again waved her magic wand (and magic dust😉) on all levels.
The cocoa butter melted, the wooden spoons were waved and our magic dust flew around! It was a wild affair, but it was worth it. Because the result is a wonderful recipe for your own chocolate to enjoy and fall in love with đŸ€€
The recipe consists of just a few ingredients, some of which you can even find in our shop, and is super easy to make.

Light magic dust chocolate?

Bring it on! 😍
Our recipe:
100g cocoa butter
60g cashew butter
Grind 60g coconut blossom sugar into powdered sugar
1/2 tsp magic dust
1 pinch of salt
1. Gently melt the cocoa butter
2. Add remaining ingredients, mix and pour into chocolate mold
3. Allow to harden in the refrigerator
4. Enjoy 😋
You can get the required cocoa butter and our beloved magic dust in our shop .

Not enough of the magical feast yet?

None other than Anka , Mischa's sweetheart, takes you on a culinary journey of discovery that will refresh your heart 😍
She will seduce you with her talent for healthy taste sensations:
đŸ€Ž 4 extravagant hot cocoas
đŸ€Ž 2 refreshing, cold cocoas
đŸ€Ž 9 healthy, amazing desserts
All recipes in the recipe book are vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. They are intended as suggestions to make your cocoa game even richer and tastier đŸ€ČđŸ»
Do you love to pamper your palate?
Then the new cocoa e-book full of recipes and culinary delights is just the thing for you and your heart!

Have you already cooked a recipe from Anka’s work?

Send me your photo and a few words to about how you liked it and you will receive a cocoa gift from us đŸ€Ž

With heart and cup full of cocoa,
your Melmo
Cacao Connection Officer
Written by Kakao Team

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