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Brought into shape by Moritz

Moritz is a bon vivant. Before I could say hello, his smile beamed at me and completely disarmed me. And it was only at second glance that I realized what potential and what fine perception was inherent in this contemporary.

I don't remember exactly how this guy came to find himself in the hallowed halls of our factory, but it quickly became clear to me that he has what it takes to understand and appreciate cocoa from its energetic as well as physiological side. Last but not least, his knowledge of Qi Gong, shamanism and pharmacy - the latter from his previous life - helps him.

Since September 2023, Moritz has been a central pillar of our factory and gives his heart, his knowledge and most importantly - his time for our cocoa.

I, Mischa, am delighted and honored to have such a reliable, insightful and appreciative person at my side, knowing that sooner or later this journey together will also come to an end.

If you want to get in touch with Moritz, just write to him on Instagram at @energiendeslebens or by email to .

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