Nice that you're here!

Welcome to the world of the planet's sexiest superfood - ceremonial cacao .

I drank my first cup of cocoa in the Peruvian jungle over 6 years ago and haven't wanted to be without it since.

Not least because of its abundance of nutrients , minerals and neurotransmitters , which will give you and your true love butterflies in your stomach.

On this page you will find a special selection of our homemade, beneficial products. Perfect for your entry into this exciting world.

Do you have any questions beforehand? I had that too! Hopefully I can answer them for you with our Cacao Guide .

My satisfaction guarantee

So many satisfied customer voices have prompted Misch to put it into words:

If after 30 days of regular consumption of our cocoa you do not notice any positive effects on your mind, body, creativity and/or overall condition, you will receive your money back for the cacao you used.


Then preheat your favorite cup and set your taste buds for enjoyment. The cacao is here and now.