Handmade cacao mug

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☀️ Wenn das Thermometer über 25°C klettert, können wir dir nicht versprechen, dass dein Kakao die Reise ungeschmolzen übersteht und heil bei dir ankommt.

For a long time I dreamed of one day holding the mug in my hands that embodies the depth, gentleness and intensity that our cacao brings. And where enough fits in, hehe.

And now - here he is.

Pottered by hand, finished with a multiple, partial glaze, which allows Mother Earth's rich clay to flow step by step into a scenery in which I like to lose myself every day.

In the 280ml depth of this dishwasher-safe ceramic work of art is nothing less than our logo.

From the far north, this mug makes its pilgrimage to us in Lower Franconia, where we cherish it. Until she decides to make her way to your home to do what she was created to do:

Namely, to support you and your loved ones while marveling and sipping.


This cup is made by Marie Kinscher aka Marie from Block Pot exclusively for Misch & Disch.

Due to the handcrafted production, there can and should be deviations from the product image. Your mug is and remains unique.