Experience the effects of ceremonial cocoa

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From our hearts to your cup: Try handmade ceremonial cocoa from Kakao Mischa and immerse yourself in the cocoa ritual for love and mindfulness in everyday life. Organically certified, made in Germany, hand-shaped with love.

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Your ritual for more happiness in life

Experience the heart-opening and invigorating power of our effective ceremonial cacao alone or with your loved ones.

Food for body, mind and soul

Ceremonial cocoa contains huge amounts of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, numerous happiness molecules and plenty of delicious, energy-giving cocoa butter.

Delivers sustained, grounded energy

Cocoa stimulates the cardiovascular system with theobromine: energy without nervousness, anxiety or caffeine crash.

100% pure and sustainable cocoa

Ceremonial cocoa from Kakao Mischa is made from whole cocoa beans, without any additives and sourced directly from farming families.

Ceremonial Cacao Sample Set: 650 g of cacao, 13 affirmation cards and 2 free e-books

Exclusive offer 35% discount

Try ceremonial cacao for your everyday ritual

✓ 500g Chuncho cocoa
✓ 150g Piura Blanco cocoa
✓ 13 affirmation cards
Free e-books worth 25€ (cocoa recipes & rituals)

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Preparing ceremonial cocoa

Although it may seem unusual, preparing cocoa is by no means difficult. And I, Mischa, promise you: it's worth it!

step by step

✓ Heat approx. 200ml water or plant-based milk

✓ Crush the cocoa mass

✓ Weigh 20-25g for an everyday cup

✓ Dissolve the cocoa mass in the warm liquid.

✓ Take your time, feel and enjoy your

Kakao Mischa Rohkakao Kakaomasse Ritueller Kakao
Kakao Mischa Rohkakao Kakaomasse Ritueller Kakao
Kakao Mischa Rohkakao Kakaomasse Ritueller Kakao

Ceremonial cocoa gives you good things

Immerse yourself in the effects of our heart-opening cocoa in your daily ritual.

Kakao wirkt im Ganzen

Kakao hat mehr Magnesium als Nüsse, mehr Kalzium als Milch und mehr Eisen als Kichererbsen. Damit entspannt er Muskeln, stärkt Knochen und fördert Blutbildung.

Kakao wirkt im Gehirn

Kakao enthält körpereigene Botenstoffe wie Tryptophan, Vorstufe unseres Glückshormons Serotonin. Damit lässt er uns wohlfühlen und zaubert Schmetterlinge in Bäuche.


Kakao wirkt im Körper

Kakao bindet freie Radikale und hemmt damit Entzündungen. Das Immunsystem freut sich und Alterungsprozesse der Zellen werden verlangsamt.

Kakao wirkt im Schaffen

Kakao enthält Theobromin. Ähnlich zu Koffein, jedoch milder und langanhaltender. Produktivität mit gutem Geschmack statt flatternden Händen.


Experience the preparation ritual

Ceremonial cocoa from Cocoa Mischa

Your daily ritual begins with the preparation: anticipation in your heart and loving movements initiate your ritual.

Cocoa Mischa vs. Cocoa from the supermarket

Ceremonial cocoa is pure and unadulterated and contains only the cocoa bean in its raw form without any additives.

Depending on the variety and brand, cocoa powder may contain additives such as sugar, milk solids and sometimes additional flavors or preservatives.

Your Do-Good Guarantee

If you have consciously consumed our cocoa at least seven times over a period of 30 days with a dose of 25-30g and cannot detect any positive effect on your well-being, mind, mood, body image and/or overall condition, you will receive your money back via the original means of payment for the cocoa you used during the trial period.

So you have nothing to lose. :)

Hello, I'm Mischa.

Correct. The cocoa Mischa.

I can't help but share fine and pure cocoa with you and the whole world. We process high-quality cocoa beans and mass with dedication to make ceremonial cocoa.

In this way, we support you and countless other wonderful souls in experiencing connection and love. And at the same time, we protect the rainforest.

If you have any questions, my team and I will be happy to help you!

In anticipation,
your Mischa

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