Onlinekurs Kakaoportal: Tauche ein in die Essenz von Kakao
Happy, radiant and filled with deep wisdom , the first graduates were allowed to walk through the cocoa portal . They experienced what it means to experience the essence of cocoa.

"Thank you for the cocoa portal. Although I have already done a cocoa training, I was able to experience a new DEPTH. I was able to gain much greater knowledge about cocoa, learn about its origins, the connection to the rainforest, the connection with the Maya and what role cocoa plays there."

Tatjana, participant of the Kakao Portal

Do you feel called to dive DEEP?

Mark April 20th - 10 a.m. in your calendar, because that is exactly when the cocoa portal will open again. The registration gates will only remain open for one week before the journey with Tabea Cacaofrau begins.

This video course will give you a new awareness of cocoa, its indigenous culture and deepen your personal connection with this profound medicinal plant.

In collaboration with Tabea, Mischa has created a video course that allows you to connect with cocoa in an unprecedented depth.

A portal that will deepen, transform and take your practice with Mama Kakao to a new level . Tabea is trained in the Mayan tradition, familiar with their cosmology and, in addition to her unique presence, brings years of expertise in holding healing spaces.

Secure one of the few places for the second round of the Kakao Portal.

Tabea is at your side with personal live Q&As and answers questions in a private Telegram group. Exchange, connection and growth guaranteed!

Do you want to immerse yourself in the power of a Mayan cacao ceremony?

Click here to register.

With heart and cup full of cocoa,

your Melmo

Cacao Connection Officer
Written by Kakao Team

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