You are right here.

Greetings, curious people!

You are on a secret page that is only reserved for adventurers who have followed a hot, loving trail.

In addition to my mischievous comic face, this page also has a special video and a special discount code for you. Stay tuned!


3... 2... 1...

Are you ready to be touched in your essence?

Then sit down, use headphones and take three deep breaths and then press play.

Have fun with the show.
Your Misha

And now?

I don't know about you, but I now have pee in my eyes and an urgent need to hug someone. Although and precisely because I, Mischa, have been following cocoa for so long, it touches me to see the magic it has on others.

My vision is to bring people closer together and create space for feeling, joy and peace. If you resonate with these words, I invite you to come on this journey with me.