Creative heart of Kakao Mischa

I am trusting the uncertainty and believing I will end up somewhere right and good.
Rupi Kaur

Anka Amrhein is an angel. With her loving, honest and lively nature she manages to bring the most stressed Kakao Mischa down to earth.

Thanks to her manual skills and nimble intuition, she is the superhero of the Kakao production. In addition, she is the lady who adds a loving, individual dedication to each Kakao package for you.

Anka loves to let her creativity run wild and diligently experiments behind the scenes on secret cacao recipes. 


It's rare that Anka and I get in each other's way while dancing at the Manufaktur. And when it does happen, the conflict is settled peacefully in the form of an animal noise improvisation. No animals harmed!

I feel blessed to have Anka as operational support at my side in the Kakao factory. Her radiance always reminds me what I am here for.

Get in touch with Anka and message her on Insta at @ankasana_

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