Andean Ceremony Kakao 500g/from 5 pcs.

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Ceremonial Kakao from the Urubamba Valley in the heart of Peru.

This special Kakao mass is made from the finest Forastero aromatico beans, produced by the rainforest protection project Peru Puro. The project works exclusively with organic small farmers and promotes the creation of agroforestry systems and the development of sustainable infrastructure.

"More than fair, better than organic!" is their motto and you will find nothing less in this delicious Kakao mass.

This ritual Kakao radiates with its velvety light taste, a fruity note and the deep effect. I find them exotic and flattering.

And the same applies here...

Kakao is a raw material that has been cultivated and honored by mankind for thousands of years. He is at home in rituals, prayers and meditation. And he doesn't just look good!

My Kakao is:

  • 100% organically grown Kakao beans
  • Gluten, sugar and dairy free
  • Biodynamically grown on family farms
  • carefully processed by hand & sustainably packaged by me
  • made with deep gratitude and devotion

My Kakao has:

  • lots of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and much more.
  • a fruity and full-bodied taste
  • numerous endogenous messenger substances, so-called happiness molecules such as anandamide
  • plenty of finest theobromine
  • delicious, energizing Kakao butter

Far beyond national borders, brothers and sisters use my Kakao for their rituals, coaching, performance and energy work. Open yourself to its effects and experience your true self, flow and deep connection.

Important: My Kakao is and will remain a natural product and is therefore natural and perfect in its own way. Even though we are used to things having to look the way they do on screens, I ask for your understanding of the uniqueness of nature and slight deviations from the finished product image.


Miau, Kakao - Safety Measures

Pure Kakao contains appreciable amounts of theobromine, which helps you to be more alert. However, the situation is different for our four-legged friends. Theobromine has a toxic effect on dogs and cats. Even a single ceremonial dose of 30 grams can be dangerous for our cuddly friends. Therefore, please take good care that your Kakao supply as well as your full Kakao cups are out of reach of dogs and cats. Thank you!