Imagine you were the ocean...
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Trying to describe Simii aka Simone with words is like trying to hold water with your hands. It doesn't work... and yet it's fun!

Her fairy-like nature enchants every room with imaginative potential. Her boundless compassion allows me to imagine the depths her heart is willing to explore.

One day I got the information that Simi was now assisting in the factory and although that surprised me, Simi's presence felt familiar from the start.

She not only exudes her magic in the factory, but also and above all in the water and behind the camera. The security that arises in Simii's presence is her mission and her gift. No wonder that she accompanies healing processes in her liquid element and indulges in the artistic process of moment photography.

And when she's not doing all these wondrous things, she devotes herself to her fluffy reflection: Naami. This playful dog radiates more joy than these lines can contain.

That's why I'm proud to announce: Thank you Simii for letting your energetic glitter flow into our cocoa and your balm for our souls.

If you want to get in touch with Simi, just write to her on Instagram at @frau.trulla or on her website .

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