Honest Flame

"I believe in holiness; in the fire in every person and I love supporting you to ignite it!" Mia Kafka

Describing Mia Kafka in words is a bit like trying to spoon soup with a fork. And yet I would like to try:

Mia lives her essence. Mia is fire and she burns for truthfulness, love and life in its ups and downs. Rarely have I met a person who is so unconditionally willing to feel what needs to be felt and thus to get to the bottom of life again and again.

Fascinated by each other's being, Mia and I went on a 5-day journey to get to know each other in the forest.  It was there that we realised how similar our visions are and how our work intertwines. This time was crowned by an intense cocoa ceremony together, which still resonates today.

Mia loves to fill spaces - with sensuality and authenticity. Unvarnished and raw, she faces her fears and encourages others to do the same. To dare to take the leap into the unknown. Into the emptiness of pure consciousness.

As part of my team, it is her job to do just that. I have the honour of bringing spaces into being that will be filled by her and give her the opportunity to unfold and thereby have an impact.

In deep gratitude I therefore invite you to go on a cocoa journey with Mia and experience your deepest self. You will not regret it - I promise.

Contact Mia and write to her at mia@kakaomischa.de or @miakafka.sensualliving on Instagram.

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