I dream about painting and then I paint my dream.
Vincent van Gogh

Giulia is a picturesque jack of all trades who can't help but do 1000 things at the same time and look good doing it.

As an author, designer, social media and content manager, podcaster and photographer, she supports Kakao Mischa and also does her own thing.

Oh, did I mention she also makes jewelry and coaches?

For me, Giulia combines the childlike with the creative and is therefore full of dedication behind, for and with cocoa. So it's quite logical that she is now part of the core digital team at Kakao Mischa and is responsible for ensuring that thousands of thirsty hearts regularly see high-quality digital content.

I am very grateful to have found such a reliable, creative and courageous woman in Giulia who is willing to make the world an open-hearted place through cocoa. Without compromises.

If you want to get in touch with Giulia, just write to her on Instagram at @giulia.dagate or on her Canva page .

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