Yo soy otro tú, tú eres otro yo.
(from Spanish:I am another you, you are another me)

 Carina is sunshine! With her presence she warms every room with gentleness, care and unconditional love. Reliability and compassion are among her great strengths and let her shine as a Kakao fairy and carry out every work step with the greatest effort and solidarity.

Away from the manufactory, Carina also likes to let it rip. Be it at 6 a.m. and sober at the techno party or to cumbia on the South American continent. With her excellent Spanish, she easily passes for a hot-blooded Argentinian with a good sense of aesthetics. She gives wonderful expression to her great creativity through her macrame pieces.

As you can see, she fits into our team like a glove and is appreciated by all for her warm and accommodating qualities.

I personally know that thanks to Carina, her reliability and confidence, I can definitely sleep peacefully and in gratitude. Every day it is a gift for me to welcome them to the manufactory and also to our community.

I look forward to many more chocolatey moments together!

If you would like to get in touch with Carina and get to know her as the gift she is, the best thing to do is write to her on Instagram at @carry_de_vu or send an email to herz@kakaomischa.de with the subject"For Carina".

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