Cacao butter

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☀ Wenn das Thermometer ĂŒber 25°C klettert, können wir dir nicht versprechen, dass dein Kakao die Reise ungeschmolzen ĂŒbersteht und heil bei dir ankommt.

Pure, natural cacao butter from our organic Piura Blanco cacao beans

Obtained through purely mechanical processes, our cacao butter unfolds its bouquet of flavors as it gently melts on your tongue. At the same time, it gives your skin the suppleness it deserves.

Our cacao butter is not deodorized, i.e. it is not robbed of its natural taste and smell through chemical processes. This means you get the pure and energizing butter in its most natural form. This natural product is not manufactured in our factory, but by the experts at Original Beans .


Fabulous picture by Lia - Lia Lohrer Photography