Greetings dear called one

The Cocoaverse is expanding rapidly and reaching more and more souls who want to spread the message of cocoa.

Are you one of us? Do you already feel like an ambassador for this magical plant?

Already on board?

Your application has already been accepted after careful review by my team & Misch and you are part of our embassy's inner circle? Perfect!

Then log into the ambassador portal using this link and explore the endless possibilities of co-creation and cooperation. In addition, you will find our community map below, where you can connect with chocolaty souls from your area.


What it means to be an ambassador

Cocoa Mischa ambassadors are not only delighted by cohesion, community and delicious cocoa, but also benefit from special conditions, ambassador events and much more.

If your application as an ambassador is accepted by us, you will receive your personal Kakao Mischa voucher code, which you can use yourself and pass on (you don't have to) .

For every heartfelt recommendation to your loved ones, you will receive valuable brown gold from me, Mischa.

And the catch?

Doesn't exist. Our cooperation is 100% voluntary and does not oblige you to do anything.

Cocoa Mischa Community Map

Find cocoa-loving souls near you, connect in real life and create your network of loved ones. Cocoa means nothing without the community that grows around it. We attach great importance to this at Kakao Mischa.

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Do you want to let our cocoa flow at your retreat or festival? Fantastic! Apply now for our sponsorship.

Cocoa makes magic even more magical. So it's quite logical that our cocoa is so often celebrated in retreats and festivals. I want to honor your spiritual work and acknowledge the level of connection that comes from using our cacao in your ceremony. That’s what this sponsorship is for. There are only two conditions:

It is important to me that every participant receives one of our affirmation cards.

We would like to have at least one picture or short video of your work with our cocoa.

Sounds possible? Yay! Feel free to apply to Melmo with all the information about your ceremony using our contact form and you might soon be able to look forward to free cocoa.

Your contact person in our community

I'm Melmo. As a Kakao Connection Officer (or classic community manager), I'm looking forward to creating space for warm conversations, deep connections and lots of co-creation! And maybe a happy dance or two too.

Do you want lots of cocoa?

You can have that, hehe. I have created an ambassador shop especially for you. You automatically have access to this if you are registered and logged in here. Then a magic button appears at the bottom right of the screen that whispers Ambassador Shop . If you click there, you will find our cocoa in larger quantities and with corresponding volume discounts. Enjoy browsing!

Important: Voucher codes cannot be redeemed in the Ambassador Shop.

What a journey...

Wow, that was a lot of input. Let it sink in first.

However, if you are now feeling a fire of enthusiasm, then please leave a few kind words on Google and help us reach even more cocoa-thirsty hearts. Of course, only if it feels good to you.