From the tree to the cup

Imagine you are a Peruvian cocoa bean. You hang around in your fruit for up to six months until it is finally sweet, ripe and ready to be picked. But what will happen next for you?

Kakao Mischa not only produces cocoa varieties by hand in the factory in Germany, but also works with the local initiative Norandino in Perú. I, Mischa, personally visited the production site and found it worthy.

1. pack things

If you are lucky enough to be one of our cacao, you will be collected by hand with love in your fruit. You see the light of day when the shell around you is cracked with a sharp machete. You are then allowed to snuggle in your pulp and ferment for a few days. Finally, you are washed and extensively dried in the sun. Sounds like a holiday, doesn't it?
Kakao Mischa Kakaoproduktion
Kakao Mischa Produktion

2. Leave

When you are nice and dry, you are packed into big sacks with all your brothers and sisters and sent out to sea on a freighter or sailing boat. This can take 3-4 months, but after that you can rightly claim to have travelled well. The colourful people who eagerly await you in Europe ensure that your journey is also climate-friendly.


Finally arrived in the European port, you make your way to me in the south of the republic. Arrived at my place, I welcome you and your sisters with a dance and kidnap you into our sacred halls, where you reach your ceremonial form in a loving way.
Kakao Mischa Kakaobohnen
Kakao Mischa Kakaomasse

4. in detail

Roast carefully, loosen the peel and grind. Don't worry, it won't hurt! On the contrary: you may melt into universal unity with all your brothers and sisters who have become dear to you on the journey! Slightly warmed, you now form a beautiful, creamy and wonderfully fragrant liquid. We pour this into your final top form and let you chill out for a while. Firm & determined, you have qualified for environmentally friendly packaging. Hooray!

5. packed

Sustainably wrapped and aesthetically pleasing, you feel ready to hit the road. Where do you think you'll end up? You might end up at a loving festival with my team and me. There, as the main ingredient of delicious drinks, you may put many smiles on the lips of unknown friends. Or a mysterious unknown soul will get hold of you in our online shop and will be delighted to fish you out of her letterbox with your siblings. Either way - a happy ending, don't you think?
Kakao Mischa Verpackung

How I came to be a Kakao Ambassador

My journey, my destination and how we can walk this path together.