Schenke, was das Herz erfreut

Unser Kakao macht sich hervorragend unter Weihnachtsbäumen und schenkt Momente der Nähe, Herzoffenheit und Liebe.

Unten stehend findest du meine Vorschläge für Geschenke, die deinen Liebsten das Herz öffnen werden.

Welcome in our Shop!

Here you have the chance to receive the finest ceremonial Kakao in a sustainable and loving way to your home. We get our beans without detours from the farmers and transform them by hand to the fine Kakao mass. Our production only takes place in small batches. This ensures that you always get your cacao fresh and juicy. Ceremonial Kakao is new to you? No problem, our Kakao guide provides you with everything you need to know.

What others feel

  • Powerful Kakao and most loving service ever. ❤️
  • I have never received such a lovely delivery! And the Kakao is wonderful!
  • Guys what a charming store, what cool Kakao. I had asked for a small sample, because there are quite differences in Ritual Cacao. What can I say? I am thrilled!!! Not only by the taste and consistency of this delicious plant medicine, but by the whole process. My mail was answered so sweetly and the package including the contents was as heart opening as the Cacao itself. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart and highly recommend the store! Beautiful.
  • I am fully on enthusiastic. From ordering to shipping to enjoyment, the Kakao and Mischa is something very special. It comes across so much incredibly great and loving energy. Thank you so much for this. I wouldn't want to buy my cacao for my cacao ceremony anywhere else.
  • I am super happy with my order. This was so lovingly packaged, I have unpacked them full of joy and this first held quite a while. And then I prepared my Kakao... it was so delicious and did really good. I'm really looking forward to my next Kakao ceremony 💫 Thank you Mischa & team 🙏🏼🥰
  • Nina G.
  • Bianca H.
  • Sabine S.
  • G. H.
  • Jessica T.